Yoga Tune Up®
Teacher Training

Yoga Tune Up®, developed and created by Jill Miller, is a 'whole body' regenerative fitness system integrating elements of Yoga, calisthenics and body therapy. With a focus on creating lasting structural change, Yoga Tune Up® approaches the body as a living archaeological dig - probing layers of muscle, tendons, connective tissues and joints, and excavating unhealthy tension patterns until your students are moved back into complete physiological balance.

The accessible nature and style of Yoga Tune Up® fills classes with a broad range of both men and women ranging from athletes, professionals, yogis, doctors, and boomers becoming active for the first time.

This Training Program is best suited for:

  • Yoga instructors seeking continuing education
  • Yoga instructors seeking proven formats to expand their teaching repertoire
  • Yoga instructors seeking to expand and grow their class attendance
  • Pilates instructors looking to cross over to teaching Yoga
  • All fitness instructors seeking to deepen their understanding of and further integrate anatomy and physiology into their teaching format
  • All fitness instructors looking to increase their creative teaching ability while simultaneously delivering advanced biomechanical instruction

"After taking one Yoga Tune Up master class with Jill, I was hooked. Her attention to detail, her humor, her realistic and functional approach and her knowledge is inspirational. I am looking forward to the full training. I crave being a student again and I can't think of a better teacher."
Lisa Wheeler
- Creative Manager for Group Fitness, Equinox
- Choreographer/Assistant Director, Fit Vid Productions
- Contributing Fitness Editor, Shape Magazine

Why Do a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training?

  • Yoga Tune Up® is a Specialty Practice increasing and deepening your knowledge and integration of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga Tune Up® trains you as a specialist - providing an experience level above the thousands of other Yoga Teachers with the standard 200 hr. training
  • Your student base will grow exponentially when you are trained and prepared to handle a greater scope of issues
  • Your private clientele will expand given your new set of skills that create lasting change
  • With specialty training you can charge more for Privates
  • Your current students will receive much more from your classes, leading to more privates with those students - they will see that you are an anatomy and physiology specialist, equipped to handle very specific and detailed issues

"I've been teaching different Yoga based formats for many years and Yoga Tune Up is the first Yoga format where every student could have immediate succuss. My Yoga Tune Up classes have double and sometimes triple the amount of students as the other formats I teach. This format is unique and most importantly, it works!"
Maura Barclay
- Group Fitness Manager, Equinox Westwood
- Instructor, Westwood & Century City Equinox

"You have such a great way of 'deconstructing and reconstructing' poses. Your training has affected my practice and my teaching in amazing ways. Instead of learning to mimic a teacher or method, you provided a foundation from which I can grow and develop my practice as well as my teaching."
Dr. MaryBeth Frosco
-Yoga Instructor, New Haven, CT

"For the past year I have suffered from very bad back spasms. Unfortunately, chiropractic treatments and message therapy only provided short term relief. Having taken yoga some 10 years ago to help with a sciatic nerve problem, I now decided to try Yoga Tune Up. After just six classes my back problems have almost disappeared."
Peter London
- Partner, Saddle Peak Asset Management
- Student/Yoga Tune Up® practitioner

When are the the Trainings?

Level 1, 40 hour Yoga Tune Up® teacher trainings are planned throughout 2010. Check back for updates:

- RHINEBECK, NY: Omega Institute for Holistic Studies July 4 - 11

- LOS ANGELES, CA: Yoga Works, September 9 - 12 and 17 - 19
Download application for Los Angeles

- NEW HAVEN, CT: Fresh Yoga, October 28 - November 3

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"I've taken part in many teacher trainings and yours was VERY comprehensive given how short it was. I use what we learned in the training ALL THE TIME. I feel so much stronger as a teacher and much more confident in my ability to communicate to students in a class room!"
Marion Clark
- Certified Pilates and Yoga Teacher
- Certified Personal Trainer/ Nutrition Counselor