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Yoga Link is Jill's brand new series loaded with fresh content and new sequences. Each Yoga Link DVD focuses on the directions of movement of the body from within each of three key areas; core, hips and shoulders. The instruction intelligently increases your awareness through stretching, strengthening, conscious breathing, and waking up these areas in unexpected ways. There are also a variety of extras, including a Breathing Primer which adds several more layers to deepen your overall experience. These programs are designed to delight, inform and integrate seamlessly into your current yoga or fitness routine.
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Core Integration - A Total Abdominal Awakening
Jill leads an in-depth exploration of all major and minor muscle groups that comprise the body's core, which she refers to as "a physiologic and energetic hub of activity that gives us physical stability and digestive regularity. It's also a vital source of determination, will and purpose in our lives." There are also special exercises that bring more awareness to the abdominal diaphragm, the muscle that governs respiration. The poses and exercises that Miller demonstrates strengthen and lengthen all the core muscles and mobilize the spine, "linking this foundational center to overall health and well-being."
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Hip Helpers- Harmonizing Hips From Inside Out
This DVD probes the hips from all directions, freeing the legs and hips to improve overall flexibility, stability, coordination and health. There is also a special focus on loosening the iliopsoas, a frequently tight and restricted primary hip flexor muscle. "Lengthening and liberating the psoas is key to releasing tension and pain throughout the body because its health directly impacts our posture. It's like a cable that hooks the spine to the legs," explains Miller. "It also shares attachments with the diaphragm and large intestine, so it's connected to our physiology and our nervous system in a way that other muscles are not. It's truly a vortex that affects the entire well being of the body. You'll get better results unwinding other areas of the body if you loosen the psoas muscles first." This DVD also contains a special bonus of challenging asymmetrical standing postures.
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Shoulder Shape Up - Shoulder Solutions from Hands to Heart
Jill guides you through exercises that mobilize the shoulders from every conceivable angle and prepare the arms and shoulders for every category of asana. "The arms are like the body's tool kit," Miller says. "The shoulders are our physical link to implement ourselves into the world. Liberated shoulders depend on the support of a healthy upper back and a breath-loving, expansive ribcage." This DVD also contains a bonus "Blackberry Stretch," to help release tension in the palms, wrists and fingers that often results from the overuse of computers, cell phones and texting devices.
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A Jill Miller Orginal:
Yoga For Weight Loss Workout Kit by GAIAM
The kit is available through Gaiam's website as well as Target and Borders Books.
This series includes two dynamic 30 minute sequences covering the whole body and a 15 minute Core bonus. It incorporates 3lb hand weights that serve as an additional challenge for strength and concentration.

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