Core Integration:
A Total Abdominal Awakening

Access the deepest part of your core and awaken its ecstatic potential.

Core Integration is a unique Yoga based system specifically addressing issues lodged deep inside your core, not only physical, but emotional and spiritual. Unlock the power of your center and reconnect to the stories buried within.

This series of extraordinarily deep abdominal exercises strengthens you from inside out and is designed to penetrate weak muscle tissue, awaken sluggish organs, stretch scar tissue and cultivate vibrancy throughout your nervous system. Core Integration intelligently presents a vast array of abdominopelvic exercises reconnecting you to your belly in a thoroughly conscious way.

Core Integration significantly enhances your Yoga practice, noticeably sharpening the quality of your inversions and backbends. It is safe and transformational work for those dealing with specific core injuries and is a challenge for all levels- from newcomers to teachers. You will leave class grounded in the harmonious support of your integrated core.

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